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Gifty is a multi-talented internet marketer and author of several best-selling cookbooks, she’s been in business online since 2001 and has a real passion for food. Following the success of her 10 self-published books, Gifty decided to launch PLRCookbooks.com in March 2014 to help other publishers get instant access to great food content that can be used for media and marketing.


PLRCookbooks.com provides affordable, high quality content related to food and cooking, written by professionals for professionals with Private Label Rights included. By purchasing the content with PLR it means you are free to adapt the products, sell them, and promote them using your own name or brand name. Attribution is not required. You can buy ready-to-publish plr recipes, food articles, stock food photography and step by step cooking videos – use them to increase your sales and traffic.


The digital content created by PLRCookbooks.com is 100% royalty free, that means you can reuse the products over and over again and don’t have to pay continuous licensing fees. The food content can be used in your print publications, cookbooks, blogs, newsletters, mobile apps, calendars, film and many other things. With a little imagination, you can use the plr food content to create brand new products, or you can offer the ready-made plr products as gifts to attract a brand new readership.


Full step by step instructions and color photos are provided with all plr cookbooks, the recipes are designed to be quick and easy. Plus, each package always includes a keyword research report, MS Word source files, and PSD graphics so that you can modify the content. Some products are limited to 350 or fewer buyers, but they are clearly marked so you know what is available.

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